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The General Conditions of Rental apply to you, namely the designated person on the Rental Agreement, which pays the said Contract and / or is designated as the main driver, authorized to drive the Vehicle.

All persons designated in the Rental Agreement are bound by the payment of the are due in execution of this contract.


The tenant is responsible and to the custody of the vehicle from the date of delivery. He undertakes to take care of the vehicle and to make normal and careful use. The rental is not transferable. He undertakes to use it only for the purposes provided by the manufacturer. He refrains from participating in matches, races, competitions, rally or other competition of any kind whatsoever, as well as tests or preparations. he undertakes not to use it for illicit purposes or for learning to drive. The tenant undertakes to return the vehicle in the same initial state of departure.

The tenant agrees to comply with the safety conditions laid down by the regulations, in particular the maximum capacity specific to the rented vehicle regarding the number of occupants and / or the weight of the luggage or goods transported. The renter must not make any modifications to the vehicle and undertakes not to use it as a trailer tractor, overloaded or otherwise, to be used at each stop closure and protection, upon delivery of the vehicle to himself or his agent, the renter in becomes fully liable in the terms of Article 1384 of the Civil Code.

If the tenant wants the restitution takes place without his presence, he will nevertheless remain responsible for any damage will remain fully dependent on it, except what has perished or been degraded by obsolescence or force major. The tenant accepts from now on the realized observations and the invoicing of corresponding damages if necessary in the event that he refuses to sign the descriptive statement return of the vehicle, the tenant accepts that the renter has recourse to an independent expert automobile the renter to establish the descriptive return, and that the cost of this speaker is charged.


The following uses of the vehicle are considered abnormal: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; the subletting the vehicle; traffic on non-passable and / or unauthorized roads; the use of the vehicle for motor sport events or competitions, or for the purpose of preparation; the transport of dangerous, prohibited, flammable, explosive or corrosive; voluntary degradation of the vehicle; the improper use of the vehicle and in particular the error in the chosen fuel, the poor appreciation of the vehicle size, the damage to the clutch and / or the gearbox due to improper use, the continuation driving despite a red warning light appearing on the dashboard, the continued driving despite a flat tire.


The vehicle is always delivered clean to the tenant except case really exceptional, if agreement between the tenant and the renter from the start to take it in the state so this is the subject of a note under observation on the contract.

Cleaning a Vehicle returned abnormally dirty will be charged 50 euros. The tasks on seat seating are also invoiced at 60 euros per seat. The five tires are initially in good condition. In case of deterioration of one of them, the lessee agrees to replace immediately at his own expense both tires, front or rear, depending on the position of the damaged tire, by tires of the same characteristics (marks) that deteriorated.

Punctures are the responsibility of the tenant. The deterioration of a rim (in particular by deformation or crack) is invoiced at the price of the corresponding new rim after verification of the front axle. In the event of loss of the keys, the amount of the replacement invoice as well as the expenses of displacement necessary for their repairing will be totally at the expense of the tenant.

Repairs resulting from abnormal wear, negligence due to accident or indeterminate remain the responsibility of the tenant unless the latter reports evidence that he has committed fault.


The vehicle must be returned with keys and documents to ITC TROPICAR staff at agreed dates, times and locations in the rental agreement, and in any case during the opening hours of the ITC agency Tropicar.


If you restore the vehicle outside the opening hours of the agency and / or drop the keys of the vehicle in the box letter of the agency, you retain full responsibility for the vehicle and are liable for the amount the rental and any damage sustained by the vehicle until the reopening of the agency.


ITC TROPICAR can not no case be responsible for the goods you will forget in the vehicle. In the event of a claim on the vehicle, ITC TROPICAR is then authorized to involve a bailiff and / or an expert automobile, at the expense of the tenant, in order to establish damages. In all cases of damage to the vehicle, ITC TROPICAR will charge a fixed compensation of 53 euros for the cost of treatment administrative support by the renter.


If the vehicle does not have been returned and / or deposited within the agency of taking possession of the vehicle, the costs of park change will be billed at a fixed price of 25 euros depending on the agency chosen by the Client when returning the vehicle.

The tenant must imperatively inform ITC TROPICAR in the shortest possible time of any event preventing it from restoring the vehicle at the dates, times and places agreed. Otherwise, it is a hijacking of a vehicle subject to prosecution and judicial sanctions.


Normal mechanical wear is the charge of the renter. In case of fault of the tenant or in case of negligence of the tenant, the work of repairs remain the responsibility of the tenant, in full within the limit of the amount of the franchise. They will be executed by the renter. Repair work will be increased by towing costs where the latter has been necessary and a fixed compensation provided for in section 8.


Oil levels, water and brake fluid are checked before departure of the vehicle. The tenant must stop the vehicle, notify the renter if lights are on the instrument panel, otherwise corresponding costs remain at his expense. The fuel is the responsibility of the tenant, in no case a refund can be requested. The renter must refuel before returning the vehicle or in the case at the same fuel level as that found on delivery. Otherwise, he will be charged to the renter a fuel upgrade plus service charge of 40 euros. The renter will be liable for repairs induced by fuel error (eg GO in the tank instead of Lead Free).


Age: Minimum 23 years old to the exception of the cat.Q Minimum 25 years and cat.QS Minimum 30 years. Minimum Possibility 21 years if underwriting Young Driver's Insurance for Cat. A, B and C.

A valid driver's license issued by a member state of the European Economic Area and dating back more than 2 years is required.

Holders of a permit driver issued by a country outside the European Economic Area must present a driving license driving with photography, written in French or accompanied by an official translation. The presentation of an international permit must be accompanied by a national permit.

ITC TROPICAR reserves the right to right to refuse a document that it considers to be non-compliant. The tenant certifies on the honor of the validity of his driving license and declares that he is not subject to any suspension measure, restriction or cancellation of his license and not be subject to any prescription of any kind, including medical, restricting his conduct.

The rental prices are determined by the rates in effect and payable in advance. Deposit paid for a firm reservation and irrevocable, in the event of subsequent cancellations or changes on your part or of non-arrival our company (no-show), the amount paid will not give rise to any refund and will be considered as a lump sum cancellation award. The rental day means 24 hours of consecutive use and any day started is due in full unless special agreements writings. The return of the vehicle must be done during business hours, otherwise it will belong to tenant to attend his reception the next day at the opening. Otherwise, the damage noted remains at his load. The tenant formally forbids to abandon the vehicle without having obtained the agreement written by the renter. Failing this, and in case of impossibility, the vehicle will be repatriated at the tenant's expense by the care of the renter, the rental remaining due until the return of the vehicle. At the end of the lease, the settlement of the balance due by the tenant must occur within 48 hours, otherwise he will have to pay the renter, in addition to the costs incurred and default interest, an allowance fixed at a fixed rental day of the vehicle rented by the Customer in addition to the amounts remaining due as a clause criminal law (Article 1229 of the Civil Code). If the tenant decides for any reason whatsoever return the vehicle before the scheduled date, it will not be able to demand the refund of the difference, but will get a non-nominative credit valid for one year (recalculated according to the actual number of days of rental at the rate of the corresponding rate band). The tenant accepts already that the the lessor may withdraw the sums due in respect of the additional charges from his bank account at bank pre-authorization (VAD) or cash the check, made or remitted as a deposit guarantee upon signature of the contract.

It is specified that in case of renting more than 7 days, the security deposit is subject to a BC pre-authorization during rented. No deduction is made subject to the perfect execution of our general rental conditions.

The table of Franchises / Insurance deductible reduction, allows the tenant to pay only a reduced deductible in case accident (responsible or not). The management fees will be billed 53 euros by unpaid to the tenant. The management of a reminder file will be charged 53 euros to the tenant. Fees possible parking are the responsibility of the tenant. The deposit can not be used under any circumstances rental extension. It is used in case of degradation, loss or theft of equipment (Wipers, keys, car radio, antenna, cigarette lighter, wheel, rim, hubcaps, mirrors, muffler, back deck, floor mats, trunk mat, ...). In order to avoid any disputes and in case the renter would like to keep the vehicle for a longer time than that indicated on the contract of rental, it must, after obtaining the agreement of the renter, send the amount of the period extra before the expiry of the current lease, under penalty of prosecution.


Subject to the fulfillment of these obligations arising from this agreement, the tenant is guaranteed:

a/ without limitation against the pecuniary consequences of his civil liability for accidents caused to third parties. The following are excluded from this guarantee: the tenant and the approved drivers, as well as their spouses, ascendants, direct descendants, servants in the performance of their duties. In addition the guarantee only plays not when the vehicle carries more occupants than there are seats.

b/ against theft and the fire of the vehicle, after deduction of the deductible, as provided for in the tariff and excluding clothes and all objects transported. The guarantee does not play in case of theft of the vehicle by an attendant the lessee or by one of his representatives unless otherwise agreed in writing (article 1149, 1150 and 1152 of the Civil Code). The tenant subrogates ex officio the renter, in his rights, for the exercise of the recourse against third parties for material damage.

The allowance if obtained, it is used first of all for the reimbursement to the lessor of the expenses that may have remained at his expense, the balance back to the tenant. Expenses and fees incurred for the recovery of this indemnity are borne by the lessee and the renter in proportion to the amounts due to them. Are excluded from guarantee, breakage of ice, any accident occurring to objects or goods carried, or caused by these goods. The above assurances only have effect for the duration of the rental stipulated. If the lessee retains the vehicle beyond without having regularized his situation in the conditions laid down in Article 5, he loses all the guarantees provided for in the contract.


There is no insurance for:

- any driver driving in a state of intoxication as defined by the rules of the road, or where the driver has used drugs or narcotics legally prohibited or where the driver will have taken medication, whether prescribed or not, the instructions state that his use is likely to cause a state of drowsiness.

- damage to the vehicle resulting from burning, internal deterioration, overload, damage to the upper and lower parts of the vehicle and their mechanical consequences.

- yourself and / or the driver if you have provided the renter with false information about your identity or the validity of your driver's license. It will be the same in case of false declarations on the amicable report or the declaration of loss.


- if you do not have a valid license for the type of vehicle rented. The tenant undertakes to declare to the lessor, within 24 hours, and to the police or gendarmerie authorities, any accident, theft, fire, even partial or benign, under pain of being excluded from the guarantees of insurance. This declaration must include all the information: circumstances, date, time, place, address of the witnesses as well as the information of the opponents ...). Under no circumstances to discuss responsibilities, or to deal with or deal with any third party the accident. The tenant agrees to immediately communicate to the renter any documents received as a result an accident and all useful information. It will be billed a claim handling fee of one lump sum of 53 euros per claim.

In case of more problem serious or disagreement, an expertise will be made, the cost of the automotive expert remains the responsibility of the tenant. Your deposit in this case will be cashed while waiting for us to send you copy the expert report and return the excess cash or charge you the damage if they remain at your expense. If the tenant is involved in several claims during its term each claim will result in the application of a deductible.

A claim for which he is responsible without damage to the rented vehicle, damage to the third party is his responsibility.

In case of return of unpaid check the fee will be 15 €.

For any responsible accident, with or without identified third party, the franchise will be cashed by the lessor

Additional insurance :

  • Ice break insurance and puncture insurance: 5 euros per rental day.
  • Cancellation insurance (D-24h): 25 euros
  • Young driver's insurance (21 years, minimum 1 year driving license): 5 euros per day
  • Franchise Purchase Insurance

Tarif franchise 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: in the event of a responsible loss, except for the purchase of a franchise, towing and immobilisation of the vehicle are chargeable of the tenant.

In all cases, the insurance does not cover:

  • Internal degradation of the vehicle and tires
  • Objects transported in the vehicle
  • Degradations on parts of the vehicle relating to a poor assessment of the vehicle
  • Degradations to the parties bottom of the vehicle
  • Loss and theft of equipment: auto radio, wiper, antenna, wheels, rearview mirror
  • Replacement of keys for loss or theft remains in any case the responsibility of the customer

Partial purchase: application fees for claims involving the driver's liability: 53 € TTC

In case of theft of vehicle:

You must within 24 hours of your knowledge of the flight make a declaration of theft to the competent authorities and remit to ITC TROPICAR, within the same copy of the complaint report, vehicle keys and papers. In case of theft of keys and / or papers with the vehicle, it is imperative to report it when filing a complaint that it be noted on the minutes. Otherwise, in the absence of remittance to ITC TROPICAR of the deposit of complaint, keys and vehicle papers, theft insurance is inapplicable and ITC TROPICAR is then entitled to charge the lessee all damages (including those suffered by vehicle and / or its replacement value). In the event that a flight insurance has been taken out and / or the insurer would deny its guarantee due to a fault of the tenant, ITC TROPICAR is then in right to charge the lessee all damages (including those suffered by vehicle and / or its replacement value).


Whatever the means of used policy and the optional insurance underwritten, a deposit equal to the amount of the franchise will be required. This deposit must be made exclusively by credit card in the name and first name of the tenant.


The tenant will give the landlord upon the return of the vehicle all the traffic tickets and equipment related to it, fault what, a package of:

  • 25 euros will be charged for missing documents
  • 25 euros for a security kit (triangle and vest) missing
  • 30 euros for a missing booster seat
  • 350 euros for a missing GPS
  • 110 euros for a missing child seat


The immobilization of the vehicle in the event of negligence or negligence on the part of the lessee, will result in payment by the compensation equal to the rental price. The duration of this indemnity may not exceed thirty days, subject to the performance by the lessee of all the obligations provided for in this agreement. A minimum of capital costs charged up to one rental day in the rented vehicle on the basis of the general fare.


The tenant remains alone responsible for fines, tickets, reports that he himself committed or that are due to his own done. More generally, the tenant is financially responsible for the non-respect of provisions of the Highway Code and must itself, in time, pay the fines and / or tickets imposed on it during the rental period. ITC TROPICAR is authorized to communicate your details to the administrative or judicial authorities. Management fees Administrative fines will be charged to the tenant 35 euros by fine. As a result of which agrees to reimburse to the lessor all the expenses of this nature possibly paid in its places and seats.


Any dispute between merchant born on the occasion of the present lease will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court joint venture of Saint-Denis (REUNION).


In accordance with the obligations of RGPD, the personal data that you communicate to us will only be used within the framework of the commercial relations between you and SAS INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMPANY. The data will not be used for purposes outside the scope of the requested service. Data not used for three years are regularly removed from our databases (carried out at least once a year) or according to procedures explicitly described for the service concerned. The user is informed in particular that pursuant to Article 32 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended, relating to files and freedoms, the information it communicates through the present forms on the website are necessary to meet his request and are intended for ITC Direction Tropicar, as controller for the purposes of administrative and commercial management of the services used. The user is informed that he has a right of access, interrogation and rectification that allows it, if necessary, to rectify, complete, update, lock or erase any personal data that is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal or out of date or whose collection, use, communication or conservation is prohibited. The user is informed that he has a right of portability allowing him to recover his data Personal. The user also has the right to oppose the processing of his data for legitimate grounds and a right of objection that such data be used for the purposes of business development.


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