To maintain a good image of the profession of lessor and ensure the sound management of their car rental agency, rental companies joining the specialized branch of the Union of Import and Trade of Reunion - the SICR - commit to a number of rules. Companies belonging to the "Car Rental" branch are required to respect the respect of fair and fair trade rules with regard to their customers.

Our commitment to service, as a hiring member

    • Have a minimum of 150 rental cars less than 24 months old, purchased new,
    • Maintain these vehicles in perfect working condition and maintenance, so that they offer you any guarantee of security,
    • Cover these vehicles rented without a driver by an insurance policy corresponding to this use,
    • Present you with clear and precise rental rates and conditions and apply them correctly, in accordance with the legal texts in force,
    • Maintain, in all circumstances, the quality of the services and the respect of the commercial usages,
    • Provide troubleshooting assistance for customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day,

CHIS Coordinates

SICR - TRADE AND TRADE UNION OF THE MEETING N ° 31 BAT D Residence Ylang-ylang - Rue de la République - 97400 Saint-Denis Tel: 02 62 41 10 57 - Fax 02 62 41 97 72. Access to the site:

Changement d'horaire exceptionnel

Nous vous informons que l'agence de l'aéroport sera exceptionnellement ouverte de 7h00 à 13h00 et de 16h00 à 19h00 du 11 au 30 novembre 2020.

(Fermeture entre 13h00 et 16h00)

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