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The Little Futé of Reunion

ITC Tropicar is recommended by the Little Smart Reunion since 1999. First of all, Petit futé Réunion is a unique guide for a trip that aims to be above all 'unique' but also truly memorable! Indeed, all the good addresses of accommodation, Hotels and Restaurants, shopping and tourism on the island are listed by The Little Futé of Reunion. This one is accessible everywhere in the press offices in particular, but also sometimes one finds it in bookstore having precisely a press department or more particularly to dedicate to the field of the trip.

Discover the best addresses of Reunion!

First, the Petit Futé is published by the New Editions of the University. Then, it is animated locally by Mr. Benjamin Pick. In addition, Le Petit Futé Reunion is one of the best guides Reunion Island. Le Petit Futé is the publisher with the most destinations in its catalog with more than 100 exclusive destinations.

The Little Fute Experience

Since 40 years Le Petit Futé gives the best addresses at the end of the world or even those at the end of the street. It has a digital version. Indeed, Petit Futé offers several sections to consult in order to best prepare his travel project. Also for your next car rental la Reunion, think Little wily one !