Frequently Asked Questions

1What should I take to remove the vehicle?

When taking over the vehicle, the main driver must have a payment card to his name. It must also have sufficient funds available to cover the deductible / security deposit and pay local charges. Similarly, optional equipment and any other purchases made at the counter must be solvent. The main driver and any additional drivers will need to provide a driver's license complete in their name.

2Can I rent a car if I do not have a credit card?

When taking care of the car, you will have to leave a deposit ; please refer to Article 5 - Rental, Security, Extension of Terms of Sale. This deposit ensures that the customer can cover the damage to the vehicle and / or equipment.

This is a standard practice of all car rental companies. It usually takes the form of an amount blocked on the credit card of the main driver.

3Which means of payment do you accept?

Payment possible by Credit card, cash, checks ou check vacancy

Important :

The main driver must have a valid credit card on his behalf; This when taking over the vehicle for the deposit.

4What are the renter's requirements for a driver's license?

First at the counter, each driver must present a driver's license which he must have held for at least two years. Expired or temporary permits will not be accepted.

Indeed the tenant certifies on the honor of the validity of his driving license. Similarly, he declares that he is not subject to any suspension measure, as well as the restriction or cancellation of his license. Moreover, it must not be the object ofno prescription of any kind, including medical, restricting his conduct.

5Should I pay if I want to take the car outside opening hours?

Yes we charge a fee of 45 € for any pickup or return of the vehicle outside opening hours.

6What to do in case of theft of the vehicle?

Firstly you must within 24 hours of your knowledge of the flight, make a theft declaration to the competent authorities and give us, within the same period, a copy of the minutes of filing of the complaint, the keys and papers of the vehicle . Secondly in case of theft of keys and / or papers with the vehicle, it is imperative to report it when filing a complaint so that it is noted on the minutes.

However, please refer to article 6 for more information.

7What to do in case of an accident?

In the first place, when you have a collision with another vehicle, you must complete the report form found in the vehicle's glove box.

Second, this form must be completed and signed by both drivers at the time and place of the accident if possible.

A breakdown service is provided at the numbers below:


In the case of an accident with a third party, the cost of troubleshooting will be your responsibility.

8What is a franchise?

The deductible is the maximum you could have to pay if things should go wrong during the rental. In most cases, the on-site staff will lock in your credit card the amount of the deposit when picking up the car.

The damage deductible (commonly known as "CDW franchise") is the maximum you may have to pay in case of damage to the body of the car.

The flight franchise is the maximum you may have to pay for the repair. Also for the replacement of the vehicle if it was stolen. Also in case it has been damaged during an attempted theft this measure will be applicable.

So, if your damage deductible was 400 euros and the body of the car has damage to the return of an amount valued at 1.000 euros, you will only 400 euros - The CDW of the car will settle the 600 remaining euros.

9I finished my rental and I have a request to send. What should I do and where do I go?

If you have any questions regarding your completed rental, please complete the online form in the Contacts section.

10I returned my vehicle earlier than expected - can I get a refund?

Rates are based on dates and times of pick-up and return you agree before the start of your rental. Indeed, if you decide to withdraw the car later or return it earlier than expected, you will not receive a refund for this period of non-use.